A Photographer’s Voice

A real artist, does not have a solid definition, however, can be described as a person who lives with a unique purpose to create art. She/he gives soul in something lifeless, while displaying their personal identity to the eyes of the curious. The purpose of writing this article is to analyze the importance of understanding the role of an artist in the society, why a photographer is considered as one, as well as to discuss where their workplace is.

Artists themselves and any other spiritually cultivated individuals, would most likely agree that an artist is an observant person, who has their own train of thought and aims to showcase three things through their work: their own point of view, their emotional state and their truth. Indeed, these qualities can motivate the audience, help them relate to the artist and, perhaps, feel less lonely. Being a good listener and having an open mind, eyes and soul is vital to create a wonderful piece of art. Think of your favourite song and how the melody of the instruments and the singer’s voice “moves” you. A photographer would create these feelings through a picture, and subsequently it is what makes her/ him an artist.

The art of photography, just like every form of art, is a valuable way of distracting the masses from the misery and the pain that life gives us sometimes. It is definitely a fundamental source of sanity and it reminds us that there is beauty in every corner, but also it can inspire and energize the optimistic ones. However, a common stereotype is that being an artist is not a real profession, underestimating the importance and difficulty of striving in this competitive environment. If you think about it, the only things that take you out of your routine are those that give you the most powerful feelings, such as picking up a new hobby, watching a good movie, admiring pictures/prints, listening to music etc. Art can be found in recreational activities such as drawing, make up, cinema, fashion and of course photography, which is the branch I followed and I can speak about through my experience.

Some of the questions that arise are about the role of the photographer and what exactly their job is. A quick answer would be: “the person who takes pictures”. Seemingly, that is what they do but if we take a closer look, their role is much more complicated than that. A photographer uses a digital or film camera to capture what the human eye can or cannot see, bringing in a lively feature to it, and leaves their mark. Just like every other artist, she/he has to obtain all the necessary knowledge to be able to use the equipment (camera, lenses, tripods, editing programs etc.) correctly. Therefore, becoming a professional photographer requires diving in the corresponding studies, either being self-taught or at a college that provides a bit of training, which is crucial. All the photographers end up choosing a specific path, with one to three specializations to be more efficient. Although they could probably take on any project, they have to focus on what they do/like best and evolve it. Consequently, these arguments could help to acknowledge the complexity of the photographer’s role and what the demands of the job are.

Furthermore, the photographer gets to choose where to work and where to take shots; usually, it is a location without restrictions. Any place that catches her/his attention, inspires or meets the criteria of the particular concept they work on, is suitable. That can start from something simple (an empty/white room) to a decorated set or to an outdoor space that satisfies the artist aesthetically. Nonetheless, the “landscape enthusiasts”, who capture the beauty of a landscape or a small detail within its frame, prefer to travel constantly and most likely not own a studio. It is worth mentioning that a photographer is rarely 100% content with their project’s outcome, as a result of their own perfectionism, leaving them thinking “I could have done better”.

To sum up, we need to remember that art is crucial for mental health, and photography is a complicated form of art that requires not only talent, but endless effort to learn and succeed. It is of great significance that a photographer knows to appreciate the small things that make the biggest difference and lets the world’s beauty shine through their pictures.